Cook Ave., Port Townsend

I designed and fabricated various architectural elements using mild steel with a blackening patina and clear-coat.
For the front of the building, I created the double gate,  the balcony railing, the column capitals, upon which the lamps are mounted.

front of house

For the spiral staircase, inside the tower, I designed and made the handrail.
Stairs and cap by Rain Shadow Woodworks 360-385-6789

spiral rail
rail bracket

View from the balcony, looking at the Olympic Mountains


At Eclipse Design, I was primarily a designer and project manager. However, I often performed other duties like fabrication and installation. The following portfolio is a small sampling of the dozens of projects that I worked on in my year and a half at Eclipse.

Waterbar & Epic Roast House, S.F.

These are some of the elements that I designed for Pat Kuleto's restaurants, Waterbar & the Epic Roast House on the Embarcadero beneath the Bay Bridge in San Francisco;

Fish-bone spiral railing and the louvres behind it.
(The glass has not been installed in these louvres yet.)

stair submittal drawing

Waterbar staircase

Operable louvre system,
and the shelf behind it on the right.

louvre details drawing

Waterbar Louvres

Stair railing system for the Epic Roast House next door.

Epic Quivre submittal drawing

Epic Quiver Railing

Oxbow Public Market, Napa

One of the larger projects was a grid of galvanized steel I-beams which define the retail spaces for the Oxbow Public Market in downtown Napa. This is one of my drawings of the overall scope of the project. It is essentially 125' long x 60' wide and contains 16 retail booths.

 Plan of Galv. Grid

Oxbow grid @ Folio

It is composed of various cut, drilled, welded and hot-dip galvanized W6"x15# I-beams and CNC cut pieces of steel plate. Due to the mass of the structure, I had to coordinate between a certified structural engineer and the architects to make sure that it kept function and aesthetic and was also seismicly sound.

structurally approved connection detail

Connection detail

Clock, for the Oxbow Public Market, is CNC laser cut aluminum with green neon illumination inside. The clock works were made in Michigan.

Clock    Clock detail

Nixon Peabody Law Offices, S.F.

This is a tempered glass and brushed stainless steel railing system that I designed and installed for the Nixon Peabody Law Offices in San Francisco.  My CAD files enabled the glass to be CNC cut, which saved hundreds orf man-hours.

 Nixon drawing

downward perspective

Nixon Railing