Top Dog!

Yacht Railings and Hardware

Beautiful, durable, functional fabrications in stainless steel, mild steel, aluminum, monel, bronze and titanium,


(shown above)

Comercial fishing boat completely rebuilt and revised into sport fishing boat by Dr. Ed Savidge.  I designed and fabricated 1-1/4" OD 316L stainless steel rail.

Bow Detail

    bow detail

Custom down-rigger mount.

down rigger mount

With Down-rigger installed

down rigger mounted


Designed and fabricated bobstay tang, also modified bowstprit and pulpit.

bobstay tang design   another happy customer


Aft rail for sport fishing boat.

aft rail

The yacht owner, Jerry Olson, and I developed a simple and effective latch.

latch open         closed rail     closed latch

Stern pulpit ("pushpit") featuring a comfortable teak seat,


pushpit detail

 Bronze Mast Boot for Aeolis, a traditional English cutter,

Aeollis Bz mast boot

I TIG weld the bronze which expands our fabrication possibilities beyond traditional bronze working techniques.

Bronze weld

  Aluminum casting by Elie.

Al Bases

  Welded stainless steel stanchion bases provide much greater strength and corrosion resistance than standard slip on hardware.

SS stanchion bases

Bowsprit pulpit for schooner restoration in Richmond,  CA

  Bowsprit pulpit


Three aluminum sampson posts for Tom Wylie's new great white shark tagging, motor boat.

wee bits

316L stainless stanchion, note welded tube for life line, completely water tight and clean.

Stanchion top

Aluminum Diesel Fuel Oil Tank,

Successfully pressure tested at 3-1/2 p.s.i.